About Us


During 2016 Tom Woodhall and Liam Gillett decided they wanted to set out to create and race a dual controlled racing car. They thought it would be a brilliant idea if they could show the world that a Blind man could race just as well as any sited racing driver.


Our Aims


The short term goal is to build the car to a high standard with the help of donations and sponsors. 2017 is going to be all about testing to hone in not only the driver and co-driver but also the car to be in the best position possible entering 2018. We will be attending events and shows across the UK to spread the word about the project and try to bring more sponsors on board. For sponsorship opportunities please contact us.


Long Term Goals


Our long term goals are to professionally race and start a racing school for blind and visually impaired people. This will enable them to learn the skills necessary to build, learn to drive, learn to race a car and to make a career out of it.


To start a visually impaired racing championship. First UK based and hopefully then world wide.


How We Do What We Do


Communication is the key to our navigation. Tom, our co-driver, created a set of quick fire commands that enable Liam, our driver, to position the steering wheel at the correct place at the correct time to get around a track. We have called this system "DOGS". This simply stands for "Direct Observational Guidance System". This means that Tom is always looking at the track and directly observing what is ahead so he can analyse which commands he needs to give Liam to get around the track safely.


In the passenger side of the car there is a second set of pedal so that the car can be stopped or tweaked from that side of the car. These are only used in an emergency.


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